Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekend with Visitors

It has been a lovely weekend thus far.  We spent yesterday cleaning and getting ready for our Texan visitors.  We enjoyed half price appetizers at Brett’s during one depressing football game.  Mom and I visited Amy and Caty and picked up some lovely SoBoho Beads from them.  Around 7:00 we decided it was time to take showers and put on our pretty clothes.  We went out to dinner at Carraba’s and Grandma, Don, and Molly joined us for desserts.  I’m so glad Don and Molly are visiting with us this weekend.  There is a chance they are the coolest people we know.

Today we went over to Mama’s Boy for some brunch.  They were packed so we headed to the most sensible choice, The Last Resort.  We all shared an order of blueberry pancakes and I had the Sunday standard (two eggs, potatoes, bacon, fruit, and a cinnamon sugar scone).  After brunch we walked into Minx to look around.  I found an adorable think chained New York City themed charmed neckalce and some 70’s vintage Hawaiin Tropic wayfarers.  After a quick shopping trip we went over to the Oconnee Hill cemetary.  We had visited when Don and Molly came before.  We got out and walked around for about two hours.  It is so beautiful back there.  It goes on forever.  If you go back far enough you can even find Bulldog Haven.

Originally written 10/2009

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