Thursday, July 4, 2013

Family Adventure

Today the Solomons decided we needed a little spice in our life.  We had nothing to do all day long, and were craving adventure.  So, we decided to get ice cream—in Elberton.  About a forty minute drive away, it gave us something we needed: unstructured family time without an endless agenda of activities laid before us.  Much like Francis, Peter, and Jack in “Darjeeling Limited," we set out on a bonding adventure and “effed" the itinerary 

Here are Morgan and I in front of Elberton’s own Granite Bowl, made entirely of granite and where all of their high school football games are played.  Elberton is one of the interesting corners of the Peach state, because it is the granite capitol of the world.

Another stop we made was Watson Mill State Park.  Mom went there many times as a child and wanted to go back and show it to all of us.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Definitely somewhere I’d like to go back and explore.

I became enamored with the covered bridge at the park, even (much to Morgan’s dismay), getting out and walking around inside the bridge.  

We had heard other’s recollections of the “cars" on the way into Elberton, but decided we needed to see them for ourselves.  Made to look like the vehicles in the movie “Cars," these may have at one time had more prominent facial features, but are still adorable all the same.  Some of us were disappointed by them, while they exceeded other’s expectations, but we were all entertained.  I’d like to sit down with the people who collected them.

Originally written 7/3/11

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