Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dog Sees God

Last Friday, my mom called me and told me the story of Tyler Clementi.  I was appalled when I had heard what happened and hated that not only his life ended that way, but that he wasn’t able to come out on his own.  That night I went to see the play Dog Sees God, which tells the story of Charlie Brown and various Peanuts characters in high school.  A lot of the themes in the play were reminiscent of what I had heard about Tyler and thinking about it made me realize how many people there are who aren’t welcome to the idea of homosexuals.  This play was incredible and I encourage anyone who has the chance to see it, or even just read it, to take it.  No matter what point of view you fall under, you’re sure to learn something about the human mind.

This picture, from one of the original commercial productions, features Eddie Kaye Thomas as Charlie Brown and Eliza Dushku as Lucky.

Originally written 10/5/10

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