Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Typical TV Watching

Last night I was finally able to begin my T.V. watching pleasures.  I love when all the new seasons start and I have been a bit behind on my duties.  I started the night with the premiere of “The Office."  Normally I find this show to be hysterical, it just wasn’t that funny to me.  I actually stopped watching it half way through to watch “Important Things" on DVD ("I would touch that with a ten foot pole.)  After a while, Mom and Morgan were ready to watch “How I Met Your Mother" and “Big Bang Theory."  “HIMYM" was so great.  I have been rooting for Robin and Barney and love seeing them together.  Vampire Weekend is such a “get pumped" band for me and hearing “Oxford Comma" at the beginning of the episode was such a pleaser.  I was practically dancing in my seat trying to find the mother in that class full of kids.  Marshall and the whip was great.  Jason Segel can do no wrong.  I loved Lily’s woo.  Great flashback to one of my favorite episodes.  The writers teased us (like they always do) by putting the mom in the class Ted was mistakenly in, which was also much larger than the class that we’ll probably get to know.  When Barney and Robin walked to brunch holding hands I couldn’t help but smile.  Is that goofy?  I think it’s fine.

"Big Bang" was good too, but I’m not sure what I think of Leonard and Penny together.  In the past I’ve thought it would be good, but in this episode it was just kind of weird.  I don’t know.  Sheldon’s mom was the highlight of the whole episode.

Originally written 9/22/09

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