Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Highlights of 2009

Getting my ear double pierced

Snow storm in the middle of March

Believers never die with my BFF

Driving the Monorail at Disney World

Catching Tony's pick at the No Doubt concert

Beach trip with the girls

Seeing "Half Blood Prince" at midnight

My first Warped Tour (Seeing new fave band Big D and the Kids Table; meeting future hubby Nate Flynn)

Deciding to see the Cab the day of the show

The start of senior year

Making new friends and becoming much closer to those I already had

Seeing Cobra Starship in the smallest venue I've ever been to (Vinyl in Atlanta)

Turning eighteen

Kairos VII

Seeing Blink with the girls

Kings of Leon with Mom and Dad

Seeing Say Anything Live

Christmas Lights at MGM

Seeing "The Hangover" God knows how many times

"The Squeakuel"

Overnight trip with the Malones

Originally written 12/31/09

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