Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2011

Theming outfits around vacations 101 #animalkingdomlodge

Happy Holidays from Sunny Florida!

Makes me miss @annakfox. Hope the life of a 21 year old is treating you well!

I mustache you a question 

My first Pinkberry!

We finally made it to the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Remember when I told you Morgan and I fell in love with Peek-A-Poohs? Weeeeellll, today at a outlet mall in St. Augustine we found some! We were so excited we each got two.

Christmas goodies in the Main Street Confectionary 

Got to see one of my most favorite parades last night! 

Thankful to be an American!


Mighty Casey's

It’s getting so close! (31 days now!)

Hats off to you!

A meal fit for a Flinstone

Dinner at the Bear and the Bull was amazing! Definitely the best Cesar Salad I’ve eaten

The family of 3 after dinner

Digesting with Mindy

Wearing leggings as pants while in a room full of half price Anthropologie clothes #dreamsdocometrue

Hooty Hoo! @katespadeny #givecolorfully 

Dinner at Via Napoli

More excited for pizza than the cute Italian waiters #maybe #vianapoli 

Been hanging out with @msolomon13 too much

The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at MGM 

Originally written November 2011

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