Wednesday, July 3, 2013

He Moves in Mysterious Ways

One day last year, I was having an incredibly bad day.  My grades weren’t where I thought they were, I had an argument with my mom while I was at school, and things just weren’t going my way.  After finally making it through the eight hour day, I got into my car and started to drive home.  While in my car, I was thinking about everything that had happened and I broke down and started to cry.  These weren’t just a couple of tears rolling down my cheeks, these were full blown streams tearing down my face (think whiney Sailor Moon).  I was coming down Timothy Road, trying to get home as quickly as possible, when I noticed something, on the side walk to my right was a boy on a unicycle.  I turned and looked at him and he did the same.  We made eye contact and he smiled and waved.  It is times like these I know God watching out for me.  He knew I needed to smile.  He knew I needed cheering up, and he made it happen.

Originally written 6/20/10

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