Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dragon*Con 2010

All weekend my family was taunting me with a “birthday surprise" which would take place on Sunday.  They wouldn’t tell me where we were going just to “wear something I wouldn’t mind having my picture taken in and comfortable shoes."  On Sunday we awoke at seven in the morning and they finally told me we were going to Dragon*Con in Atlanta.  I was beside myself excited.  The day was filled with celebrity panels, awesome costumes, and some serious fanboys and girls.

I was in love with this girl’s Roxy Richter costume.  In my plan to go back to Dragon*Con next year, I’d like to spend one day as Ramona and the next as Roxy.  

                                 Steampunk was a big theme this year.

The first panel we went to was with Oliver and James Phelps, the boys who play Fred and George Weasley.  I have always wished to be a Weasley and loved seeing these boys talk about their time spent on the movies.

Next, Mom and I went to the Luke Perry panel.  (Sean Astin was supposed to be there as well, but had to leave early.)  When bored, I have found myself watching “Beverly Hills, 90210" on Soap Net on many occasions.  It was fun to see the real live Dylan Mckay.

My favorite panel of the day was with Dana Snyder, the man behind the voice of Master Shake.  He was absolutely hysterical, and didn’t even begin to hold back.  I could’ve listened to him all day.

Originally written 9/7/10

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