Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cupcake Capers

It’s official, Connor and I are no longer allowed to go on adventures together. As of recently, our most exciting outings have pertained to food, and more specifically—sweets. It all started on Sunday when we wanted hot Krispy Kremes. So we did what anyone craving glazed perfection on their lazy Sunday would do, we got in the car and drove there. Here’s the catch, the closest Krispy Kreme to us is thirty minutes away in Macon. We didn’t stay in Macon longer than twenty minutes, but our time spent there was pure doughnut bliss. Side note: if you go on the Krispy Kreme website you can look up when the hot light is on for most of their locations. Part two of the quest for sweets occurred on Tuesday. I accompanied Connor to lunch where he casually mentioned a cupcake shop which was in downtown Milledgeville and only open on Tuesdays, knowing that I love any restaurant whose hours of operation aren’t the most conventional, I had to try it. We found the address for Doodles online, retrieved walking directions from my MapQuest app, and we were on our way. Their red velvet was absolutely wonderful. We have got to stay on top of ourselves and make sure this does not become a Tuesday tradition.

Originally written 1/26/12

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