Thursday, July 4, 2013

Spring Break 2012

Spring Break Highlight #1: Celebrating Morgan’s birthday, twice!

Thursday when I got home we went out for Morgan’s favorite meal of Japanese, but the party didn’t stop there.  I got to spend Saturday with her and her sweet friends karaoke-ing the night away at Shokitini. 

Spring Break Highlight #2: Trip to Callaway Gardens

Mom and I spent a few days exploring Callaway Gardens and Pine Mountain.  It is beautiful up there.  The butterfly house was amazing and I have never seen anything like their chapel.  We’re already excited to go back.

Spring Break Highlight #3: Visits to LaGrange

Spring Break Highlight #4: Lunch at Joe’s with Connor

Spring Break Highlight #5: Lunch at Last Resort with Mom

Spring Break Highlight #6: Ike and Jane’s Breakfast

It was Ike and Jane’s third birthday this week!  It was nice to be back at my favorite breakfast spot to celebrate.

Spring Break High Light #7: Pizza Heaven

Spring Break Highlight #10: Going to the movies!

When I’m at school I never go to the movies.  This week, I saw four!  Mom, Dad, and I went three nights in a row.  A new record!  We even liked everything we saw ("21 Jump Street," “John Carter," “The Hunger Games," and “Friends with Kids")!

Spring Break Highlight #11: Trip to Anthropologie

How darling is this ping pong top?

Spring Break Highlight #8: Choice Reading

Here’s to having time to read magazines and The Hunger Games!

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