Thursday, November 6, 2008

Strike Up the Band!

On Tuesday I went to
Rock Band Live at the Gwinnett Arena. It was a really awesome show. The Cab played first. I got there kind of late and only got to see a couple of their songs. They didn't sound as good as they did the first time I saw them, but the acoustics in the arena were really weird. I had floor seats so it wasn't awful, but some friends of mine who had tickets in the seats said they couldn't understand anything the bands said in between songs. They had a lot of energy on stage and were very fun to watch. The next band playing was Plain White T's. I thought they sounded great. I couldn't tell any difference from their live performance and how it sounds on the album. Next was Dashboard Confessional. They were the band I knew the least of, but what I had heard I liked so I was excited to hear them. I really liked Chris Carraba's personality and found him very entertaining. They also sounded great live. For their last song, they had De'Mar Hamilton and Tim Lopez from Plain White T's and Ian Crawford and Alex Marshall from the Cab came out and played a cover of "So What" (Yes, the P!nk hit, "So What."). It was surprisingly rather enjoyable. Alex Deleon came out to sing the bridge. After that Panic came out. I thought they sounded great and really loved seeing them. This was my second time seeing them, and I think they're really fun to watch and put on a great show. They are born performers and this can be seen in their great energy on stage.

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