Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've Now Heard Two Emo Anthemns Live

Every Friday, I have a reason to be happy. Not because it's the last day of school before the weekend. Not because I don't have to do homework that night, and I can hang out with my friends instead. But because the Masquerade Message arrives every midmorning every Friday in my inbox. Here I can see who is coming to one of my favorite venues in Atlanta, and when the tickets go on sale. Last Friday when this e-mail came, I was disappointed to see that I wasn't very enthusiastic about any of the shows they announced. Remembering that I had answered the trivia question in this e-mail I scrolled down just to see if I had gotten it right. I had, and with that right answer came two Hawthorne Heights tickets. I had never participated in this contest before, but I was so happy I had. After much persuasion and lots of promises, my dad agreed to drive me to Atlanta and take me to see one of my favorite bands. And that's what I was doing last night.

When we got to the venue The Mile After had just finished their set, but we were there just in time for Tickle Me Pink. They sounded great and played an awesome cover of "Paradise City." Always a crowd pleaser. Next up was The Color Fred. If I could marry a band, Fred would be at the top of my list of possible spouses. They played a great set and they all really looked like they were having a great time. I was able to meet Fred Mascherino after the show and he was extremely down to earth and so sweet. After Fred, Emery played. I didn't know very much of their stuff and they were probably my least favorite. It may also have to do with the live experience, because I don't like moshing and there was lots of it. Once they were done playing, it was finally time for Hawthorne Heights.

I'll be the first to tell you that the first Hawthorne Heights song I ever heard was "Ohio is for Lovers," and it was after it got big. (I haven't been a Fall Out Boy fan since the "Take This to Your Grave" era either.) I liked the song, but I never really made an effort to try and listen to any of their other music. Once "Fragile Future," I listened to much more of their music, new and old. I regret not listening to more the first time I heard "Ohio is for Lovers," because I've found that I love it. Hawthorne Heights cease to amaze. After the passing of their guitarist, Casey Calvert, last November Heights was able to remain strong while recording a new album and now going on tour.

Their set sounded amazing and they played a few acoustic songs. I met J.T. Woodruff after the show, and he couldn't have been any nicer. All in all, it was a great night.

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